On-demand Webinar

Gamifying Training Videos with Near-Life

With Mike Todd, CEO at Near-Life

Recorded: Wednesday, March 30th, 2022

At Vyond, we know how important it is for users to make their learning content as engaging as possible.

Our friends at Near-Life have a simple to use platform that makes creating interactive, gamified content quick and easy. Near-Life puts your Vyond videos front and center and enables you to create anything from narrative-based branching scenarios, to more complex game-based content, with conditions and achievements. This allows content creators to not only improve engagement and retention, but also to better understand their users by seeing how they interact.

What You'll Learn:

  • An intro to interactive video and gamification
  • Why interactivity works
  • How to design your own interactive and gamified videos

Meet the Speaker:

Mike Todd
Mike Todd

CEO at Near-Life

Mike Todd is founder and CEO of Near-Life, the first interactive video and VR authoring tool for everyone. Mike previously worked in film and digital content for the likes of ESPN, PBS, BBC and others. He produced and directed Hulu’s first ever documentary of the Month. Then he launched Near-Life in 2015 to bring a new approach to immersive learning. Near-Life is now a multiple award-winning company, working at the intersection of creativity and technology, that has supported organizations ranging from the World Health Organization, USAID, WalMart, AbbVie and countless others.