On-demand Webinar

Transform Your eLearning Courses With Animated Video

With Craig Kingsbury and Leena Randhawa

Recorded: July 12, 2022

Watch On-demand:

Additional Resources

We’ve compiled a library of resources to answer some of the questions posed during the live webinar.

Vyond Resources:

  • Vyond free trial
  • 508 compliance and Vyond
  • Sample Rise course we’ve put together using existing Vyond Templates.
  • Vyond+Rise On-Demand Webinar
  • Character animation in Vyond
  • Branding in Vyond
  • Vyond and Storyline
  • Info Security Awareness Template
  • The Vyond Community (for Premium and Professional Users)

Omniplex Resources:

  • Creating Branched Scenarios Using Vyond
  • Using animation in your eLearning courses
  • Microlearning: Why video is your best friend
  • Vyond tutorial – Our beginner’s guide
  • Maximum file size for video? Articulate states that they do not put size limits on what you can add to Storyline 360. In general, it is easier to work with smaller file sizes. We suggest using handbrake when you need to compress a video file.

What You'll Learn:

  • How to quickly add visual interest to your Storyline courses with GIFs & hotspots
  • How to create course questions that match your company’s brand
  • How to utilize Vyond’s pre-built templates to make Storyline branching scenarios a breeze
  • Reduce your development time & create better eLearning courses
  • Keep your learners entertained and improve retention

Meet the Speakers:

Craig Kingsbury
Craig Kingsbury

Customer Success Manager

Craig Kingsbury is a Customer Success Manager at Vyond. He assists enterprise customers using the Vyond via live online trainings, building and maintaining customer relationships, and overall support. Craig is focused on delivering high quality support to Vyond customers, and ensuring users are getting the most out of the product.

Leena Randhawa
Leena Randhawa

Certified Articulate Trainer

A Trainer to the Trainers; In her time at Omniplex Learning, Leena has trained hundreds of L&D professionals from all industries. Leena has a deep-seated passion for training, eLearning, Instructional Design and the use of blended learning provision in innovative L&D frameworks. She is highly skilled at analysing business, operational and learning needs, creating immersive training content that inspires skill development. She also champions accessibility in eLearning and is constantly striving to bring such a crucial topic to the forefront of all organisational learning agendas.