On-Demand Webinar

Create Better Training on Technical (and Tricky) Topics

Recorded February 21, 2024

Effectively training employees on complex or technical topics is critical to the success of any upskilling or reskilling strategy. But getting people to engage with, understand, and apply this kind of content requires a special instructional approach.

In this webinar, two veteran technical trainers (and Vyond customers) will share their blueprint for creating engaging and effective training videos on complex topics and a few real-world success stories from the world of healthcare and cybersecurity software.

Join Marco D’Abbraccio, principal trainer at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, and Chaya Rao, director of training development at Tanium, to discover how to create better training on technical and tricky topics.

What you'll learn:

  • Why technical training is critical for helping employees upskill, reskill—and maintain current skills
  • Key principles for producing effective technical training content—and pitfalls to watch out for
  • How Marco and Chaya use Vyond for technical training content, with examples from past projects

Meet the Speakers:

                        Reid Horimoto headshot
Host: Reid Horimoto

Customer Success Manager, Vyond

Reid is a customer success manager at Vyond where he manages a book of accounts across a range of industries, helping end users make the most of their Vyond experience through training and education. He also works with Vyond's renewals, sales, finance, product, and marketing teams on upsells, renewals, account management, webinars, conferences, and projects. In his free time, he plays video games, does photography, and puns.

                        Marco D’Abbraccio headshot
Guest Speaker: Marco D’Abbraccio

Principal Trainer, DTS Learning Services at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

Marco is a dynamic media professional with 15 years of game development experience. He’s a former artist turned game developer who uses game development theories to create engaging content for targeted audiences. His theory is that, by injecting targeted humor into your work, you can create a stronger connection to the audience while softening the approach for those who may feel overwhelmed by new learning.

Chaya Rao headshot
Guest Speaker: Chaya Rao

Director of Training Development, Tanium

Chaya Rao is Director of Training Development at Tanium. She has 20+ years of experience in Technical Training with a strong passion towards visual learning. Chaya has been a classroom trainer, curriculum developer and training mentor prior to taking on Leadership roles in companies such as Oracle, TIBCO, and Siemens. In the past decade, Chaya has undertaken several projects and looked for methods to reduce and replace text-based content with rich video, animation and other visual and interactive elements. While on sabbatical, Chaya made an eight-part documentary series on food and travel. She has also made 100+ short videos related to food, travel, and music. She continues to be a hands-on video creator and mentors her team on video and animation development.