Vyond | Omniplex

On-demand Webinar

Create Engaging eLearning Faster with the Power of AI

With Leena Randhawa–Head of Learning Solutions, Omniplex Learning
and Erin Champion–Director of Customer Success, Vyond

Recorded: Wednesday, June 14, 8am PT

The new generative AI tools popping up are making it possible to create eLearning content at scale more easily than ever before. But for many L&D and HR pros, keeping tabs on the most relevant tech and learning how to confidently use it is daunting. If that describes you, Vyond and Omniplex Learning can help.

In this webinar, Omniplex Learning’s Head of Learning Solutions, Leena Randhawa, and Vyond’s Director of Customer Success, Erin Champion, will provide an overview of the generative AI tools most relevant to L&D and how to make the most of them.

In this fun and informational presentation, our eLearning experts will:

  • Explain the pros and cons of the most relevant generative AI tools on the market
  • Demonstrate how to use this new technology to create better Articulate 360 courses and training videos
  • Show you how the new AI functionality in Vyond’s animated video creation platform can help you generate first-draft videos in minutes
  • And explain how to integrate all your new content creation skills into your existing eLearning workflow

Meet the Speakers:

Leena Randhawa
Leena Randhawa

Head of Learning Solutions, Omniplex Learning

Currently the Head of Learning Solutions at Omniplex Learning, Leena has worked in L&D for over 10 years. She has expertise in training, eLearning, instructional design, and the use of blended learning provision in innovative L&D frameworks.

Leena is highly skilled at analyzing business, operational, and eLearning needs, and creating immersive training content that inspires skill development. She also champions accessibility in eLearning and is constantly striving to bring this crucial topic to the forefront of all organizational learning agendas. Additionally, she works across client L&D departments to fully understand their internal challenges, processes, strengths, and weaknesses to help them create a positive, productive, high-performing L&D culture and team.

Erin Champion
Erin Champion

Director of Customer Success, Vyond

Erin has been with Vyond for 8 years, working with customers across the globe to tell their stories through video. She came to the company with a background in video journalism, which has helped her teach customers how to enhance and improve their own videos. She built out a training program to get new users the functional skills and theoretical knowledge they need to create compelling content.

Additionally, she and the customer success team host a range of webinars, covering topics like “Taking Your Videos from Good to Great” and “Building Process-Based Videos.”