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From revamped training programs to redesigned courses—communicating critical information with video is a winning strategy. But getting creative concepts out of your head and onto your screen can be a struggle….

Vyond is here to change that. Our powerful new AI features now let you create engaging professional-grade videos more quickly and easily than ever before.

Instant, infinite creative power.
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Introducing our some of our new and advanced features:

Text to Prop

Text to Prop:
If you can imagine it,
Vyond can create it

The days of creating custom objects by hand—or making do with what was in our library—are over. Now, with a simple text prompt, our applied AI can instantly generate an infinite number of custom props in the Vyond style—everything from animals and food products to office supplies and industry-specific equipment.

Video to Action

Video to Action:
Instantly mimic any
action with AI

Animating complicated or unusual character movements just got way easier. Now, all you have to do is upload the live-action footage you want to replicate, and Video to Action will animate your Vyond character mimicking that motion instantly.

Open & Closed

Open & Closed
Captioning: Reach more people in enriching ways

Closed captioning automatically transcribes voiceover audio to help make your videos accessible for people with hearing impairments. Open captioning “burns in” the captions directly from the Vyond workflow onto your video, so there’s no need to manually type them or use an expensive third-party vendor.


Instantly access your
favorite assets

Save time and creative energy by creating your own custom collection of assets. From props and characters to audio files and uploaded content, Collections makes finding everything you need fast and easy.

Quick Edit Enhancements

Quick Edit Enhancements:
Easily swap out characters
and voices

The beta version of Quick Edit lets you change the script and voiceover audio directly in Vyond Go. Now, with our latest Quick Edit enhancements, you can also universally tweak the intonations, accents and speed of your characters’ or narrators’ voices and change their appearances, directly in the platform.


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And don’t miss… Vyond: Making AI Work for You

With AI dominating the news, keeping up to speed on all the latest tools feels impossible. The good news is you won’t have to. We bring the most effective and relevant AI to you—improving the workflows you already have in tools you already love.

Learn more about the future of AI video creation with Vyond CEO, Gary Lipkowitz. Catch him at DevLearn this fall, at the LIVE from DevLearn Stage inside the Expo Hall, Thursday at 1:15PM.

Join us and discover:

What you can expect as the AI landscape evolves from disparate tools to applied AI: making AI work for you.

Why AI is particularly suited to solving the hardest parts about L&D: like bringing your training content vision to life—with assets that may or may not even exist yet.

How Vyond is integrating the best AI tools so L&D pros can create relevant, on-brand training content faster—in their go-to platform.

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Vision to video.
Vyond. Making
AI work for you.