On-demand Webinar

Vyond is Getting Smarter: Fall 2022 Release

Recorded: Wednesday, November 9
11am PT / 2pm ET

Video is essential for engaging today’s stakeholders, but scaling video creation across the organization is hard. Intelligent video creation addresses audience engagement and improves business outcomes.

We are excited to present Vyond’s Fall Release!

In this webinar, Design and Product Managers Danwen and Tracy will introduce the latest features from Vyond’s Fall Release. From new AI-driven features to our unmatched content library, join us to learn how Vyond helps you create fast, relevant and powerful videos. Learn more about the release here.

What You'll Learn:


How to leverage Vyond’s latest AI driven features to create content quickly


How to use Vyond’s expansive content library to create relevant and exciting videos for any job role or industry


Vyond’s latest enterprise features to help you collaborate efficiently

Meet the Speakers:

Danwen Wu
Danwen Wu

Design Manager, Vyond

Danwen Wu is a Design Manager at Vyond on the product team. She applies quantitative and qualitative research methods to discover user insights and transform those into design solutions. Danwen is excited to share a behind-the-scenes look at how Vyond’s design team creates delightful experiences that help people to tell better stories

Tracy Srivastava
Tracy Srivastava

Product Manager, Vyond

Tracy Srivastava is a Product Manager at Vyond. She works with the product and engineering teams to deliver core features. Tracy is passionate about product management and excited to share about the product development process of some of Vyond’s latest features.