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Vyond Masterclass hero image

Discover how improving your approach to visual storytelling can help you more consistently engage, persuade, and educate any audience.

Featuring Mona Chalabi, a Pulitzer-Prize-winning illustrator and data journalist; Henry Reich, creator of the popular educational YouTube channels MinuteEarth and MinutePhysics; and Jonathan Halls, the former head of training at the BBC, this spring’s two-hour Storytelling Masterclass is a learning opportunity you won’t want to miss.

How to Engage Audiences and Change Minds with Better Visual Storytelling: A Q&A with Pulitzer-Winner Mona Chalabi

In this entertaining conversation with instructional designer and novelist Lindsay Hunter, Mona Chalabi, a Pulitzer-Prize-winning and Emmy-nominated illustrator and data visualization expert, will share her insights on becoming a better visual communicator—and the creative process that fuels her unforgettable body of work.

Mona Chalabi headshot

Mona Chalabi

What you’ll learn:

  • Fresh ways to create highly digestible, unforgettable content
  • Mona’s approach to visually explaining complex and sensitive topics
  • New strategies for tackling any business communication challenge

A Blueprint for Engaging, Effective L&D Videos: Lessons from a Leading YouTube Educator

As a graduate student, Henry Reich started making simple animated explainer videos about complicated scientific topics on a whim. Thirteen years later, his popular educational YouTube channels (MinutePhysics, Minute Earth) have more than 8 million subscribers–and his explainer videos have received over 1 billion views.

In this exclusive L&D-focused presentation, Henry will walk you through his creative team’s formula for success.

Henry Reich headshot

Henry Reich

What you’ll learn:

  • How the MinutePhysics team researches, plans, and executes their popular educational videos
  • How Henry’s physics and filmmaking background helped shape his approach to “edutainment”
  • Tips on making even the most abstract topics easy to understand and remember

The New Era of Employee Development: How AI Video Tools Are Making Customized L&D at Scale a Reality

In this lively conversation with Content Director Mark Rader, Jonathan Halls, L&D consultant and author of Creating Training Videos, will share his thoughts on where employee development stands today–and the exciting ways he expects it to evolve in the next few years.

Specifically, he’ll explain how the industry is evolving from an industrial to post-industrial model–and share his thoughts on how AI video generators and a decentralized approach to employee development will help employees learn more effectively than ever before.

Jonathan Halls headshot

Jonathan Halls

What you’ll learn:

  • New strategies for tackling your most difficult engagement and upskilling challenges
  • How AI-powered videos and experiential learning fits into the total employee development picture
  • How transitioning into a less centralized L&D model will help your team stay agile and relevant in the face of change

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