Vyond Fall Storytelling Masterclass hero image
Vyond Fall Storytelling Masterclass hero image

Register and watch to find out how you and your team can create more memorable content with proven innovation-boosting methods used by Disney creatives and the powerful new generative AI-powered content tools that everybody is talking about.

Featuring Disney’s former Head of Innovation and Creativity, Duncan Wardle, ChatGPT expert and AI education pioneer Professor Jules White, and Vyond’s own Gary Lipkowitz, this fall’s Storytelling Masterclass will leave you feeling more comfortable with using generative AI, and better equipped to create content that cuts through the noise and connects with your most important audiences.

Human Creativity + AI: A New Way Forward for Content Creators

Having the ability to dream up truly original ideas has never been more important. And now with AI as an always-available thought partner, content creators have access to exciting new ways to push past blocks and bring their best ideas fully to life.

In this inspiring session, Disney’s former Head of Innovation and creativity expert Duncan Wardle will share his time-tested formula for generating powerful communications of all kinds and his views on how advances in generative AI can help.

Duncan Wardle headshot

Duncan Wardle

What you’ll learn:

  • Practical strategies for harnessing your imagination, curiosity, and empathy to generate better content
  • The many ways leaning into AI can help you tap more of your creativity
  • How these tips apply specifically to L&D, HR, and more

Generative AI for L&D: Tips from an AI Education Expert

In this engaging tutorial, Professor Jules White, head of the Vanderbilt Initiative on the Future of Learning and Generative AI and instructor of one of the most popular online courses about ChatGPT, will share how his university is applying generative AI to training both educators and students—and share his advice on using AI text and image tools most effectively to create L&D content.

Jules White headshot

Dr. Jules White

What you’ll learn:

  • What forward-thinking universities have to teach L&D teams about integrating AI into their employee education efforts
  • How to go beyond basic prompting in ChatGPT and Midjourney to create helpful content for eLearning and HR initiatives
  • Why getting comfortable with this technology now will benefit you for years to come, as it becomes a built-in part of the tools you use (including Vyond)

Vyond’s Vision for Applied AI

In this presentation, Vyond CEO Gary Lipkowitz will explain how and why Vyond is integrating the best of generative AI technology directly into its video creation platform. And veteran video producer Taylor Morgan will show how you can create professional-grade videos in seconds with the AI-powered script and video creator Vyond Go–and quickly refine your outputs in Vyond Studio.

Gary Lipkowitz and Taylor Morgan headshots

Gary Lipkowitz & Taylor Morgan

What you’ll learn:

  • How Vyond is solving the challenges many companies face in successfully using generative AI to create relevant, brand-friendly content
  • How you can generate amazing videos in seconds using a prompt in Vyond Go
  • How to take your Vyond Go video from good to great using the full suite of tools in Vyond Studio

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