Live Webinar

Why On-Brand Content Matters — and How Vyond Makes It Easy

July 24, 2024
11am PT / 2pm ET / 7pm BST

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Consistent branding and audience-specific messaging have always been key to building trust and engagement with your employees, customers, and prospects. And in this new age of AI, that’s never been truer.

But how can you ensure consistency when scattered, siloed teams are tasked with creating content? Or find the time to create tailored content at scale?

Join us on July 24 to find out. In this webinar, Vyond’s Lisa Smith and Erin Champion will explain why an engaging, consistent brand is critical in the age of AI and show you how Vyond’s new brand management tools and custom assets can help you get there. Whether you work in HR, L&D, Internal Comms, Marketing, or Sales — or another field altogether! — you won’t want to miss this discussion.

What you'll learn:

  • Why both consistent branding and customized messaging matter more in the AI era
  • How AI tools can help you create more effective branded internal and external communications
  • How the new suite of branding and customization features in Vyond’s Enterprise plan can help you build trust — and connect better with your audiences

Meet the Speakers:

Lisa Smith headshot
Lisa Smith

Senior Vice President of Marketing, Vyond

Lisa Smith is the Senior Vice President of Marketing at Vyond, where she leads marketing strategy and execution to drive pipeline and enhance brand awareness. She honed her marketing chops in digital marketing, and has managed initiatives in brand, growth, content, creative, social, community, and web. Lisa has cross-functional expertise at companies ranging from start-ups to global enterprises, and has focused on marketing for SaaS companies over the past 15 years.

Erin Champion headshot
Erin Champion

Director of Customer Success, Vyond

Erin has been with Vyond for 8 years, working with customers across the globe to tell their stories through video. She came to the company with a background in video journalism, which has helped her teach customers how to enhance and improve their own videos. She built out a training program to get new users the functional skills and theoretical knowledge they need to create compelling content. Additionally, she and the customer success team host a range of webinars, covering topics like “Taking Your Videos from Good to Great” and “Building Process-Based Videos.”