Vyond for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Vyond is the AI-powered video creation platform built from the ground up with the needs of the enterprise in mind—designed so that every member of your organization can quickly and easily create videos at scale and transform mission-critical content into engaging business communications that drive positive business outcomes.

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How Does the Pharmaceutical Industry Use Vyond?

The world’s largest, most respected pharmaceutical companies use Vyond for a variety of learning & development, training, HR, and pharma marketing initiatives including:

Microlearning and mobile learning Microlearning and mobile learning
Compliance procedures Compliance procedures
Upskilling and retention Upskilling and retention
Employee safety training Employee safety training
Patient safety and value-based care Patient safety and value-based care
Software training Software training
Recruitment Recruitment
External marketing External marketing
Marketing internal training Marketing internal training
Onboarding and benefits services Onboarding and benefits services

Why Vyond?

With Vyond, your organization can easily create professional-grade animated videos that engage and educate your employees and customers—and drive incredible business results. Vyond was built for pharmaceutical communications.

Vyond for Pharma

Vyond Includes:


Pharmaceutical props


Pharmaceutical templates


Industry-related actions

Pharmaceutical Videos Made With Vyond:

How to Create a Better Research Poster in Less Time

Précautions et Mesures Préventives Contre la COVID-19 au Québec

Understanding COVID-19 by Bethel Health Builders

Available Template Videos:


Vyond Testimonials:

A video thumbnail shows a picture of a woman and a title of her name and position.
Screen showing thumbnail of woman and her job title
A video thumbnail shows a picture of a woman and a title of her name and position.

Trusted by 65% of the Fortune 500

“I’ve been using Vyond for about two years now. I researched half a dozen companies out there, tested several, and found that Vyond was by far the easiest to use in the shortest period of time. We use Vyond to create everything from communications videos to kick off new programs to videos that support our recruiting efforts.”

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